Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Probe


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A Bluetooth BBQ thermometer probe is a wireless cooking accessory designed to monitor and track the temperature of food while it’s being grilled, barbecued, smoked, or cooked in an oven.


Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Probe

It uses microelectronic precision manufacturing technology,

The temperature measurement data of the probe is wirelessly transmitted to the smart phone, which eliminates the thick and long high-temperature connection cable of the traditional barbecue thermometer, which is very convenient for users to use. Especially suitable for closed electric ovens and grills, and will replace traditional grill thermometers.

Functional characteristics

■ Stainless steel tube structure, can detect food temperature and oven temperature at the same time

■ Three grilling modes for recipe / timing / target temperature

■ APP can set 9 types of food and 4 levels of ripeness

■ Can insert 4 Bluetooth barbecue probes, four channels work in parallel

■ 5 minutes fast charging, 4 hours battery life

■ Support Bluetooth BLE4.0 to communicate with mobile phones

■ Compatible with Android 8.0 and iOS operating systems

Technical Parameters

● Food temperature range: 0 ~ 100 ℃

● Measuring range of furnace temperature: 0 ~ 275 ℃

● Bluetooth communication distance: <=10m

● Measurement and transmission cycle: 4s

● Product size: D6xL138mm

Application area

◆ Barbecue food, high temperature oven, barbecue cooker, barbecue, BBQ

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 260 × 30 × 50 cm

TP300, TY520, TY530


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